Sarda Affumicati is a small company with over 30 years of international experience, that contributed to the popularity of the Made in Italy food sector all over the world, thanks to its great dedication and commitment. In order to be able to serve global markets and demanding customers, we had to invest in efficiency and organization, without forgoing our meticulous artisanal production methods. Every day, together with our collaborators, we take care of each and every product, including those found in the best Italian and international supermarkets and those suited for gourmet shops and restaurant professionals. We strive to always combine tradition with innovation.

Our process starts by sourcing the best food raw materials available. We then combine them with an ongoing creation of culinary recipes based on the traditional Mediterranean cuisine, while keeping an eye on our international target markets. Our unique products, resulting from these two processes, are then ready to be presented to top class restaurants, as well as to your important guests at home. Tender artichokes hearts, delicious red peppers and eggplants and sweet tomatoes, all grown in the agricultural lands surrounding our company and following traditional agriculturural methods, perfectly blend with the best fish cuts, resulting in unique products with a balanced flavor that can appeal even to the most demanding customers.