A long history of quality 

Thanks to its certified system, Sarda Affumicati guarantees to its customers that the entire production process is carefully monitored, compliant to the national and international regulations and ensures a full traceability throughout the entire production chain, starting from the sourcing of food raw materials. As well as the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate, related to the mullet and tuna roe production and sale, Sarda Affumicati has also obtained the BRC Food Safety Standard, recognized in over 100 countries. Furthermore, its products have been successfully certified by the International Food Standard (IFS), created by the Italian, German and French large retailers operators, that has become, over time, an international standard for the control of the distributors’, retailers’ and wholesalers’ private label food products. This standard, which has been embraced by the main Italian trade associations, is employed throughout all the food raw materials (fishing, agriculture and farming) production and processing stages. The producer needs to adhere to a set of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) e GHP (Good Hygiene Practice) requirements. Thanks to this strict suppliers selection process, the large retailers operators can ensure that food quality and safety requirements are always met and that everything is fully compliant to the sector-specific regulations.